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residential services


Everyone deserves a quality place of living, and at New Horizon Services we strive to provide all of our clients over 18 years of age with a home to call their own. In addition, we can assist clients with all tasks of daily living - cleaning, chores, grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, personal hygiene, taking medications, and more! Our team also coordinates with day services (either New Horizon day services or services provided by another company) with the goal of developing real-world skillsets and establishing productive daily routines for our clients. 

At New Horizon Services, we work to establish them in a completely independent lifestyle. We strive to make the experience of growth and development as easy and hassle-free as possible. Our clients' fulfillment comes first, so we intentionally give each client the room to live and breathe within our homes. Each client has their own personal space with privacy in a home setting. Just like in the private sector, each client gets to sign a lease and has options for where they want to live. Our residences are currently under renovation but will be finished soon. Expect to see photos in the coming months!


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