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At New Horizon Services, we prioritize growth and development in everything we do. Our day services keep that mission front and center; we focus on providing activities that give our clients the kind of real-world experiences they need to grow and gain the skills they need for success. We take our clients on a variety of recreational trips, provide tons of activities and crafts, that teach them new skills, and walk them through informative workforce training classes. All of these activities are designed to teach them soft skills, such as communication and collaboration, and hard skills, such as cleaning and food service.

In addition to these activities, we offer a comprehensive life skills program to help our clients master other important responsibilities such as laundry, cooking, and cleaning. Not only will these skills help them lead an independent life, they will also give them even more options as they transition into the workforce. The end goal of all of these training programs is what we refer to as "integrated employment," where our clients are hired to do the exact same job as other people with no assistance needed. We work with DCF, a federal agency offering a program known as Vocational Rehabilitation, to find good jobs for our clients that will set them up for success.

As our clients gain more independence and work toward full-time employment in the workforce, they may begin operating on an every-other-day basis, or some other hybrid system, that will allow them to transition to their new life of integration and inclusion. If a client is utilizing a case manager, the case manager will be able to work with our day services team and the client's new employer to set up a new schedule that will set them up for success. We look forward to working with your loved one, helping them to develop, gain independence, and live a life of freedom.


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