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New Horizon Services offers case management services for individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities. Just like all of our other services, we provide case management with a singular goal in mind: making sure your loved one gets everything they need to thrive in their community. Case management services include assessment, planning, monitoring, and evaluation of the specific resources required to meet each client's needs. From coordinating transportation to assisting with health needs, a case manager will be the go-to person in your loved one's journey to a brighter future.

A New Horizon case manager serves as a facilitator between all of the various community organizations with which your loved one is involved. They will work closely with the client to build a detailed action plan, broken up into manageable steps, for how they plan to achieve their goals. They will also work with you, the guardian, ensuring that you're always in the loop and up-to-date on all of the progress your loved one is making.


Our sole focus is the unique set of needs for each of our clients. With that mission in mind, we do not limit our services to clients involved exclusively with our programs. We will gladly offer case management services to any individual participating in programs offered by other companies, even our direct competitors. New Horizon case managers always remain an unbiased third party; they're not trying to sell you anything. They are an advocate for your loved one, no matter what, even if it means helping them leave New Horizon.


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